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AI Use Case

Pollinate plants

Declines in key populations of bees have triggered multiple attempts to deliver pollination via miniature robots or drones. This remains at a research level - a process which may also be used to learn more about these vital but endangered creatures.



Cost - Asset uptime optimisation,Revenue - New service,Risk reduction - Environmental impact

Case Studies

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology~Scientists at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology are testing artificial cross-pollination of flowers with drones that mimics bees,Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia~Researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia to launch a fleet of robot-bee prototypes suitable for greenhouses

Potential Vendors


Basic Materials


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Images,Video,Time series

AI Technologies

Traditional AI,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning ,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation,Product - Data Capture - Drones Remote Sensing

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