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AI Use Case

Predict farming yields from data sets including site images and IoT sensor scans

Predict yield for farming or production leveraging IoT sensor and other relevant data. This can work for both plant and animal yield and should also help with planning responses to disappointing predictions,.



Operational Support - Production forecasting,Operational Support - Situational awareness

Case Studies

"""US Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois,""~The US Department of Natural Resources used deep learning vision analysis of satellite imagery to predict the size of soya and corn crops well before harvesting",Connecterra~Connecterra increases dairy production by as much as 30% by tracking and analysing the health of cows with machine learning,Slantrange~Slantrange aims at measuring crop populations and detecting weeds with machine vision,Dancing Crow Farm~Farmers are able to quickly identify issues such as crop stress and disease and pest infestation on heatmaps enabled by drones and machine learning,TellusLabs~TellusLabs aims at providing accurate prediction of natural resources and agricultural yields with machine learning ,SunSelect~SunSelect enables greenhouse farmers to more accurately forecast their future harvests with machine learning,Small Robot Company ~Small Robot Company is a vendor which hopes to deploy robots to reduce chemicals and emissions while increasing farm profitability

Potential Vendors

Microsoft Azure,TellusLabs,Motorleaf


Basic Materials


Data Sets

Images,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,Product - Data Capture - Drones Remote Sensing,Product - Data Capture - Plane and Satellite Imagery,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Model Architecture - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN),Product - Data Capture - Sensor IoT,Product - Data Capture - Bio Sensor,Product Type - Vision - Image classification

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