AI Use Case

Visualise and recognise road layout, other vehicles and pedestrians and potential risks to empower predictive driving

Vision systems that enable risk and reality recognition are key to a host of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle use cases. Typically these rely on a battery of AI ranging from image recognition to predictive responses.



Risk reduction - Real time awareness,Risk reduction - Reduce environmental physical risk

Case Studies

Uber~Uber's self driving car failed to visualise and recognise a pedestrian and the potential risk in real-time resulting in a fatal accident,Tesla Inc~Drivers demonstrate Tesla's Autopilot limitations in recreation of fatal Model X crash at exact same location,Motor Vehicles Department Kerala~The Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala detects lack of seatbelt or helmet usage in motor vehicles in with 98% accuracy in trial


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Data Sets

Images,Video,Time series

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Annotation

Potential Vendors