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Our Services

Helping Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage through AI. Sustainability is based on Trust, Trust is based on Transparency. 

We help organisations navigate this journey. 

AI Explainability Statements

“It is all a black box!” is just no longer good enough.  If AI drives your business then you need to be able to explain what is going on. we work with regulators, lawyers and your team to make this happen.

AI Governance

Ensuring that you organisation is prepared to manage the risks from AI deployment. These risks are legal, regulatory, operational and reputational. Based on our work with the World Economic Forum (WEF) we help Board and C-suite teams prepare for these challenges. 

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AI Strategy

Helping companies build competitive advantage through sustainable AI. We advise corporates, entrepreneurs, publishers and investors on everything from strategy to business cases to delivery of AI projects.

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