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AI Case Study

'Rooms to go' uses Machine Learning to offer tailored add-on options to customers

Home furnishing retailer Rooms To Go has leveraged Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of their consumers. By identifying products that are often sold together the company was able to customise and personalise their customers' experience which lead to increased sales and improved the overall shopping experience.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

Rooms To Go integrated Google Analytics Premium with BigQuery, and managed to extract raw, visitor-level data about items purchased online and then performed statistical data mining to find products often purchased together.

Reported Results

Rooms To Go states the following results:

* Produced actionable insights quickly
* Expanded functionality to increase sales of accessory and coordinating products and to improve user experience




Data Science


The Rooms To Go and Rooms To Go Kids websites offer several variations of room packages and add-on options, allowing customers to choose. Due to this variety, Rooms To Go wanted to better understand customers’ online purchase choices to make it easier for them to customize packages.



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