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Block Box AI

"Its all a black box!" is no longer good enough

If AI drives your business then you need to be able to explain what is going on.  If you use AI then you deserve to know what is going on.

What is an AI Explainability Statement?

Explain your AI

Describe why, when and how AI is being used, with what governance, risk mitigation and societal impact 

In simple terms

Written to explain to those impacted by the AI to understand what is happening

In one document

Publicly displayed for easy access by stakeholders

Why do you need an AI Explainability Statement?

The new regulatory reality

Under existing GDPR and new regulation in New York and globally AI needs to be explainable

Key stakeholder

Internal and external stakeholders need to know what you are doing with AI

Practical delivery of AI Ethics

Its time to move on from talking about AI Ethics to delivery. Transparency is a key requirment

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