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Watch our videos exploring AI in the real-world


Introduction to Generative AI: Non Technical

A non-technical introduction to Generative AI. This is very popular.


Who will the Generative AI Gold Rush?

Billions are being pumped into Foundational Models, Application Startups. Industries are expecting huge productivity benefits. But who will prosper in this gold rush?


Masterclass: AI for C suite

Covering the strategic, operational, and risks of AI for the executive.


Masterclass: AI for the boardroom


Masterclass: Identifying and governing the risks of AI


Masterclass: Using AI explainability statements to help build trustworthy AI

Using AI explainability statements to help build trustworthy AI.


Who will make money with AI?


An overview of practical AI governance


Masterclass: Funding the best AI-startups globally | CogX 2020

Listen to some of the world's top venture capitalist investors in AI. What are their investment thesis? What makes for a successful AI company?


AI in a post Covid world | CogX 2020

Listen to executives from HBS, IBM, Korn Ferry, and Latham & Watkins discuss the impact of AI on a global world.

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