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Executive Workshop:
Generative AI

Accelerating business value creation with
AI and Generative AI

Half-Day Executive Generative AI Workshop

This workshop, hosted by Best Practice AI, an AI management consultancy, is designed to empower board members, executives, and managers with an in-depth understanding of AI and Generative AI (GenAI), its relevance in the contemporary business environment, and specifically to your industry and firm. It is a practical and interactive Workshop that will provide actionable insights into how to create and capture value with GenAI.  

Learning Objectives

The core objectives of the workshop include:

  1. Gain an understanding of Generative AI (GenAI).

  2. Assess the long-term strategic implications of GenAI for your industry and company.

  3. Identify and prioritize GenAI use cases relevant to your company.

  4. Learn practical strategies for deploying GenAI in organisations.

  5. Identify a risk management framework for overseeing GenAI applications.

  6. Develop a set of questions and actions to guide organizational discussions about GenAI.

Webinar Agenda

What is it?

60 minutes

Format: Interactive Lecture

Introduction to Generative AI

This introductory session is a presentation that will cover:

  1. ​Basic concepts of AI, Machine Learning, Generative AI, and Foundational Models.

  2. Prompt engineering for utilizing Generative AI tools.

  3. Overview of the Generative AI industry value chain, from BigTech to application start-ups.

  4. Key applications and case studies of Generative AI across various industries.

  5. Potential challenges and risks associated with Generative AI and strategies for mitigation

  6. Critical question for your team regarding Generative AI

  7. Questions and answers (Q&A).

Where to use it?

60 minutes

Format: Break-Out Groups

Identify use cases for your company

In this session, we aim to collaboratively explore how AI can impact your company. The aim will be to generate a list of potential use cases and start the process of ranking them for potential piloting.  The structure for our session is as follows:

  1. Discuss criteria for identifying potential use cases in different company roles, focusing on creative, knowledge management, conversational, and action-based tasks.

  2. In break-out groups, identify

    1. Key use cases within your business that could be used to accelerate value creation.

    2. High-level assessment of impact versus difficulty of implementation.

  3. In the wider group, present your findings and discuss them with your colleagues.

What will your industry look like in 5 years?

30 minutes

Format: Interactive Lecture

Identify the strategic impact of GenAI

We will collaboratively explore how AI could transform your industries and businesses in the long term. The session will include a presentation on the strategic impact of Generative AI, followed by a group discussion focusing on its influence on corporate strategy, productivity, and business models. 

How to manage the risks of AI?

20 minutes

Format: Interactive Lecture

Discuss the risks and mitigation of GenAI

The risks of AI include hallucinations, bias, privacy and security, and privacy.  This session will discuss what are the actual risks and how they can be managed effectively in enterprise environment.

How to make it happen?

30 minutes

Format: Interactive Lecture

Discuss best practices in deployment

In this session, we will explore the opportunities, methodologies, and challenges associated with deploying AI. Our discussion will cover the various types of AI investments and strategic approaches to implementation, including an analysis of benefits, risks, and leading best practices. We will also delve into promoting bottom-up innovation, investing in third-party tools, and developing bespoke AI solutions for your organization.

Next steps

10 minutes


Final thoughts, questions and action points


Presented by Simon Greenman and Tim Gordon, Founding Partners at Best Practice AI.

Tim and Simon bring many years of board, executive, and managerial operational leadership experience in digital transformations and AI in international companies.



Jeremy Gubbay, COO Fox Williams

I thought your workshop was excellent, pitched at the right level and practical too.”

Anton Hanley, CEO at TLA.  Education Chair,
YPO Greater London.

Best Practice AI's workshop garnered strong YPO member feedback for its well-organized, informative, and impactful workshop, highlighted by the valuable breakout sessions.

Tech CEO,
YPO Greater London

The best event I have been to on AI. You guys really know your stuff.

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