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Our Services

Helping Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage through AI. Sustainability is based on Trust, Trust is based on Transparency. 

We help organisations navigate this journey. 


AI Education

We are passionate about AI - and love sharing this with our clients. We deliver AI education to a wide variety of audiences, from corporate Boards to MBA students to public meetings. Our experience in AI stretches back to the 1990s and we understand that the key to success is based on an open conversation and shared understanding of the technical, strategic and risk factors at play in tied rapidly evolving space. We have built the largest database of AI use cases which means that our educational services are consistently baed on grounded reality. 


AI Strategy and Planning 

In much the same way that the Internet fundamentally transformed the economics of organisations, we see AI ultimately transforming industries. Our advice is rooted in the hard lessons learnt in senior management roles at businesses at the leading edge of digital change - both start-ups and incumbents. We can build the vision for change, the plan to deliver it and the communication to persuade key stakeholders. We have worked with the World Economic Forum to write the C-suite AI Toolkit. Finally, we also act as mentors and coaches for key leaders as they embark upon the AI journey. 

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AI Technology and Delivery

We find the technology exciting and like to make things happen. This means getting our hands dirty and helping build tech - and the companies to deliver it. Whether finding the right technical partners, project-managing programmes or solving key technical problems we are experienced advisers . We never forget that delivery is as much about your organisation’s people as the technology and offer coaching to help unleash internal innovation. This also means that all of our work remains grounded in reality rather than breathless hype. 


AI Governance and Policy

We are deeply engaged in the wider AI Policy debate. We helped write the World Economic Forum’s advice for Boards on their AI responsibilities, advise companies on impending AI regulation, have provided advice to senior policy-makers in the UK and the US, been on the WEF’s Global AI Council and been published in the FT and the Washington Post. We have been key advisers to AI Indexes at Tortoise and Evident. We also focus on practical applications for corporates who understand the growing importance of regulation: our AI Explainability Statements were designed to be compliant with EU regulation and the first to be written in conjunction with a regulator, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. 

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AI Due Diligence

For investors in AI companies - or those worried that their investment thesis might be at risk from AI innovation we provide due diligence support. This may simply be a short brain-storming session on AI risks or it could be a full technical or commercial deep dive. We bring our wide network to bear, making sure that our clients have the right people in the room without needless overhead cost. We have deep experience as early stage investors and in Private Equity owned businesses so we understand the questions that investors will (or should) have. 

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