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AI Case Study

Acxiom improves opportunity-to-close problems for their sales team, claiming near-100 percent renewal rate, with machine learning

Clari's AI powered OTC solutions gives Acxiom's sales team access to real-time activity and historical data to better manage opportunity pipelines to make accurate forecasts. The solutions use predictive analytics and analyzes customer behaviour by sourcing data from various sources.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Using AI, Clari’s OTC solutions provide sales teams with a complete picture of both real-time activity and historical patterns for opportunity management, pipeline inspection and forecasting by analyzing human behavior and identifying patterns found in CRM, email, calendar and other business systems. As a result, sales reps have unprecedented insights to focus on the deals most likely to close or slip, managers immediately spot pipeline risk and hidden upside deals, and senior-level executives can forecast revenue to the C-Suite with confidence."

Reported Results

Clari claims Acxiom has achieved near-100 percent renewal rate and net negative revenue churn




Sales Operations


"The opportunity-to-close process starts when a lead in a sales rep’s pipeline converts to an opportunity and ends when the deal is signed. "



Data sources from CRM systems, email, calendar and other business systems

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