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AI Case Study

AT&T monitors its network constantly offering seamless service and plans maintenance and upgrades optimally using machine learning

AT&T is automating network monitoring, using machine learning to predict traffic demand based on historical data, day and time, and generate alerts. All the equipments are monitored to detect anomalies and plan optimal predictive maintenance schedule.



Fixed Line And Integrated Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

"AT&T integrates AI into its the communication services network by making it software defined. AI is used to monitor the network in real-time and predict traffic, detect anomalies, schedule predictive maintenance etc. They are also using the data in designing the infrastructure for 5G roll-out."

Reported Results

Pilot; results not yet available. However maintenance costs are down.



Information Technology

Network Operations


AT&T was exploring ways to ensure that its network is always ready to meet the changing demands and trends. For eg. Video traffic grew over 75 percent and smartphones drove almost 75 percent of data traffic in 2016 alone.



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