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AI Case Study

Aviva offers up to 30% discounts on insurance premiums based on actual driving behaviour that is monitored and analysed through machine learning

Aviva offers up to 30% discounts on insurance premiums based on machine learning analysis of actual driving behaviour. With an app Aviva is able to measure individual customer driving acceleration, cornering and braking. Driving behaviour is correlated to risk and premiums through advanced analytics. Those with lower risk driving are offered lower premiums.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"The additional knowledge about individual customers allows more-sophisticated insurance ratings based on how people actually drive rather than how similar types of people drive. Aviva can now offer better discounts to good drivers and create a more appealing product."

The app tracks driving skills including acceleration, cornering and braking. It also introduces game mechanics to create incentives for the driver to improve their driving skills. Drivers collect more points for good driving and can compare their points to others.

Reported Results

Aviva claims safe drivers are saving more than £170 on average on their comprehensive car insurance. The program was launched in 2013 and has been expanded to today.




Customer Management


Aviva launched its Drive App in 2013 to better measure customer driving behaviour. The idea was to better link driving behaviour with insurance premiums.


Revenue - Better targeting


They collected telematic data such as driving acceleration, cornering and braking.

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