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AI Case Study

Baker McKenzie plans to automate part of due diligence via machine learning contract review platform

Baker McKenzie is implementing the machine learning-powered platform eBrevia to streamline M&A activities by identifying the important parts of contracts.


Professional Services


Project Overview

Backer McKenzie has selected "eBrevia as its main Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool of choice to be used on M&A and other transactional work for its global clients. It's deploying contract analysis across a significant portion of its global Due Diligence work delivering accurate and efficient contract review in Asia, North America and Europe. Baker McKenzie offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Zurich, Toronto and Chicago are tailoring eBrevia’s machine learning to individual practice groups and jurisdictions, and plans are already underway to extend the reach of the program globally."

Reported Results

"In using eBrevia, attorneys become more efficient and produce more accurate work for clients. The AI software’s ability to quickly find and extract deeply buried information amidst complex documents means that attorneys’ time and talents are directed toward the higher value, judgement-based work."


"eBrevia’s machine learning employs cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to quickly gauge significant and relevant information in lengthy contracts, and its algorithm can be tailored to complement attorneys’ specific expertise and practice areas."


Legal And Compliance



The large global law firm Baker McKenzie announced its initial implementation of contact review automating platform eBrevia.



Various documents including contracts

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