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AI Case Study

Bharti Airtel reduces time to hire from weeks to days and offer-drop rate from 80% to 26% through predictive hiring

Airtel had a staggering 80% offer drop rate (i.e only 20% of offers were accepted). They used Belong's AI platform to identify candidates who are likely to match the company profile and implement a targeted approach. They also redesigned the hiring process such as changing job titles to appeal better to the right candidates.



Fixed Line And Integrated Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

Using technology to simplify hiring processes, from sorting resumés to scheduling interviews. Belong's AI platform scours the internet to unearth publicly available information on any and all possible candidates, including scanning their Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and more.
After gathering information, the platform ranks potential hires according to their suitability for a role at a particular company.

Reported Results

Hiring time was reduced from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 days
Offer drop rate went down from 80% to 26% in 2 years



Human Resources



Airtel known as telecom company was expanding into technology but was having a hard time attracting the right candidates.



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