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AI Case Study

Caesars Entertainment improves email open rates by 12% and click-throughs by 24% by personalising content using deep learning

Caesars Entertainment utilised the Persado platform to send emails to customers with personalised emotional language to improve the open and click-through rates by 12% and 24% respectively.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

"Persado has been working with Caesars to generate the specific language and emotions to best resonate with its audience. From there, Caesars has been able to seamlessly deliver highly personalized messages through Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its customers. We are confident that this partnership will continue to give marketers a competitive edge in today’s always-on landscape by helping them better understand and engage customers, create more personalized experiences, and leverage data to make informed decisions all through the power of Persado’s AI platform.”

"Persado’s integration with Salesforce allows companies to utilize Persado One, a solution that uses deep-learning algorithms to analyze previous marketing data and develop an emotional profile of consumers. The platform then generates 'individually targeted relevant language' to create personalized campaigns across different channels. "

Reported Results

A 12% increase in email open rates and 24% increase in click-through rates.




Channel Marketing


"While few details were provided in the news release about the type of content that Caesars used in its campaigns, casinos and gambling brands have put more focus on non-gambling amenities, like dining and entertainment, to lure millennials, a segment that the industry has struggled to attract. AI seems well-suited for the travel and hospitality industries, where insights and personalization are essential parts of guest experience."



Specifics undisclosed, other than "marketing data".

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