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AI Case Study

Cisco improves its online conferencing platform using accurate voice and chat assistants

Cisco's Webex platform for online conferences is now using MindMeld's conversational AI which Cisco acquired recently. Using conversational agent is enabling people to communicate easily with applications, devices and can also be used in authenticating participants.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Cisco's flagship cloud-collaboration platform Cisco Webex, which claims to facilitate six billion meeting instances a month, is bringing together machine-learning algorithms in areas such as face and voice recognition, and sound mapping to create a new kind of meeting experience.
It is Cisco Webex’s AI and machine-learning capabilities, however, which are allowing Cisco to blend physical meetings with virtual environments. As the world’s first enterprise-ready voice assistant for meetings, Webex Assistant uses natural-language understanding to enable users to join, start and end meetings with voice command. "

Reported Results

Pilot; Results not yet available.

However, initial feedback suggests 82% users prefer having a voice assistant



R And D

Product Development


"With 130 million active users a month, Cisco Webex is one of the largest and most widely recognised enterprise cloud services in the world."



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