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AI Case Study

Citrix's IT department achieves 30% more deliverables and deploys cloud software upgrades 75% faster by tracking application performance and code changes using machine learning

Citrix, a digital workspace provider, has adapted DevOps to maintain its application upgrades and maintenance. Aiding them in this transformation is Dynatraces's AI solution which offers end-to-end visibility to the IT system. Any variations are spotted instantly and notified. This has helped them achieve 4X productivity improvement in deployment.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Citrix hosts several of its key web applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its development team uses ServiceNow for IT Service Management (ITSM). Citrix needed code-level visibility into application performance, and following an assessment of the market, identified Dynatrace as the only solution capable of meeting its needs. Dynatrace‘s unique ability to offer a full-stack, end-to-end view of front-end and back-end applications – from the user’s first click, all the way to the database, made it an easy decision for Citrix. Dynatrace is used regularly review the code for critical transactions and get ahead of emerging issues.

The Dynatrace real-time analytics and AI engine automatically detects performance and availability issues and pinpoints their root causes. Resolve application problems before your customers are impacted."

Reported Results

The company claims:

* 30% increase in project deliverables
* New innovation deployed 75% faster
* 75% reduction in MTTR and 4x productivity increase
* Internal ServiceNow SLAs improved by 37%


Anomaly detection


Information Technology



"Citrix, digital workspace provider that unifies apps, data and services, with more than 400,000+ customers, needed to accelerate the speed at which it could react to application performance problems and outages"



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