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AI Case Study

Dai-ichi Life enhances customer engagement and nudgee them towards healthy habits using app and machine learning

Dai-ichi, a Japanese Life Insurance Company, launched an app - Kenko Dai-ichi (Health First), to promote healthy lifestyle and learns user preferences and choices using machine learning. The app offers virtual medical advice based on exam results. Its cutting edge FaceAI feature that enables users to check how they will look like in the future has become extremely popular. The app's premium features include courses on health improvement, personalised offers, diet and medication management etc.



Healthcare Equipment And Supplies

Project Overview

"Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has helped Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited (“Dai-ichi Life”) enhance its Kenko Dai-ichi (Health First) app, which promotes healthy lifestyle choices and enables users to monitor their well-being.

The enhancements include the addition of several new features. For example, the app’s standard menu now includes Dai-ichi Life’s “health age” check-up services, which analyze photos of medical exam results and give instant health age assessments. New health improvement courses have been added to the app’s newly launched premium menu and the functionality of the app’s cutting-edge FaceAI feature – which enables users to simulate what they might look like in the future based on a photo taken with their smart phone’s camera – has been improved."

Reported Results

Results are not yet disclosed. However the app lets Dai-Ichi Life learn about customers and their preference



Customer Service



The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited, or Dai-ichi Life for short, is the third-largest life insurer in Japan by revenue.



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