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AI Case Study

Fazenda futuro creates new vegan burger using AI

Brazilian startup Fazenda Futuro has leveraged AI to create a new vegan burger with an optimal mix of soy, pea protein and chickpeas to approximate beef in looks, taste and nutrition. The new product has reportedly been available in restaurants and retail locations since late April at a competitive price for the Brazilian market.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

"Fazenda Futuro is a Brazilian start-up that is introducing the world to its plant-based Futuro Burger. Heightened demand for plant-based food has inspired many brands to create their own unique vegan-friendly burgers, many of which are specifically formulated to mimic the taste and texture of meat. Fazenda Futuro sets itself apart by involving artificial intelligence in the burger-creation process. With the help of AI, Fazenda Futuro was able to settle on a satisfying combination of soy, pea protein and chickpeas to approximate beef." (trendhunter)

Reported Results

"The high-tech vegan burger is set to make its way to restaurants and retail locations in late April at a price that will challenge some high-quality burgers on the market in Brazil." (trendhunter)



R And D

Product Development


"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the food industry by opening the doors to innovation and new product development (NPD), aligning to global food trends. This is not only limited to developed economies but is also taking off in emerging economies."



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