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AI Case Study

Flipkart increases online cart orders by 12% after implementing the Mira chatbot to help customers

Flipkart launched Project Mira, a chatbot which queries customers about items they are considering purchasing to help them better choose the correct size, model, etc. to fit their needs. Mira has been able to cover 50% of product search queries and has led to a 12% increase in additions to online orders.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

According to The Economic Times, through the Mira chatbot "users with broad intent (searching for, say, shoes or bedsheets) are guided with relevant questions, conversational filters, shopping ideas, offers and trending collections."

Reported Results

The Economic Times reports that 50% of search volume is covered through Mira and there has been a 12% increase in cart additions, along with a dramatic improvement of seller experience as well... Flipkart has every reason to expect that AI-led innovation through Project Mira will help us create solid competitive differentiation and cement our market leadership".



Customer Service

Technical And Product Support


Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in India. The company wanted to improve customer product choices to minimise customer dissatisfaction and returns.



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