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AI Case Study

Global manufacturer achieves more than 85% shorter inspection times and real time production feedback using deep learning algorithms for 100% automatic inspection

An unnamed Automotive Parts Manufacturer has deployed Scortex's quality intelligence solution to automate quality inspection. Using deep learning algorithms the solution has enabled the Manufacturer to monitor key data and have access to important insight for production, while reducing inspection time per part from 8 to 3 seconds.




Project Overview

"The technology detects small variation on high resolution images in real-time with very high accuracy.
Take conformity decision according to quality specifications

Monitoring key data on quality: Real-time analytics on production and quality: defect rate, type, position, frequency
Insights to improve production:
Anomaly and drift (?) detections thanks to machine learning. Share knowledge across factories"

Reported Results

Before implementing the project:

*100% manual inspection: 15 inspectors
* Inspection: 20 sec per part
* Manual production feedback

After implementing the project, the Automotive Parts Manufacturer states the following results:

* 100% automatic inspection
* Inspection: less than 3 sec per part
* Real time production feedback


"Automating visual inspection: Using deep learning algorithms to automate the most complex inspections"



General Manufacturing


"The cost of quality for manufacturers accounts for 15 to 20% of sales revenues, while visual inspection is essential for quality control."



High resolution images

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