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AI Case Study

GMI Insurance Services monitors employee activity to identify malicious activity and other sources of productivity decline using machine learning

GMI Insurance Services is using Veriato's machine learning powered platform to monitor employee activity on desktops, emails, chats etc and understand patterns of malicious or inappropriate activities. GMI has been able to improve employee productivity by identifying employee behavioural patterns using the solution.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"Veriato makes software that logs virtually everything done on a computer—web browsing, email, chat, keystrokes, document and app use—and takes periodic screenshots, storing it all for 30 days on a customer’s server to ensure privacy. The system also sends so-called metadata, such as dates and times when messages were sent, to Veriato’s own server for analysis. There, an artificial-intelligence system determines a baseline for the company’s activities and searches for anomalies that may indicate poor productivity (such as hours spent on Amazon), malicious activity (repeated failed password entries) or an intention to leave the company (copying a database of contacts).

Customers can set activities and thresholds that will trigger an alert. If the software sees anything fishy, it notifies management."

Reported Results

Improve employee productivity and reveal patterns about performance



Human Resources

Employee Relations


GMI Insurance Services, insurance service provider to the US Transportation Industry, was facing a productivity problem.



Email, chats, network logs

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