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AI Case Study

Hilton Hotels and Resorts improves hire rates by 40% using video intelligence platform to hire 1000s for their Hilton Reservations and customer care

Hilton improved hire rates by 40% and reduced hiring time by using HireVue's video interview platform and doing a pre-assessment from the video. HireVue's platform gives insights into employee behaviour and measures fit with the company and the role.


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Project Overview

"Hilton’s high-volume recruiting process prior to HireVue included the use of a traditional assessment with more than 100 questions that often took in excess of an hour to complete. The multiple-step process had low completion rates and impacted overall time to hire, averaging around six weeks to fill a training class of 25 new hires. Weaver and her team partnered with HireVue’s IO team to develop a new video assessment process. Using HireVue Assessments, Hilton collapsed its multi-step process into a single video assessment. The platform uses predictive analytics to assess a candidate’s vocabulary, intonation and nonverbal gestures. By identifying the definitive traits of top performers, Hilton positioned itself to focus on the best candidates.

HireVue Assessments are created by industry-leading I-O Psychologists and delivered via video interview. Our validated approach predicts the top performers you need to meet your business objectives.

Responses to video interviews are full of data. The content of the verbal response, intonation, and nonverbal communication are just a few of the 25,000 data points we collect. These data points are analyzed by our proprietary machine learning algorithms to accurately predict a potential employee's skills, fit and future job performance.

The HireVue Assessments model -- the algorithm -- is looking for which words are used, the type and meaning of statements made, and overall expressiveness. It also notices emotions that can be detected from voice and facial expressions, such as enthusiasm for the subject being discussed. Because there are cultural variations in degrees of expressiveness and explicit emotion, we train the model using data featuring people from the same culture. "

Reported Results

According to the vendor HireVue:

* 40% improvement in interview hire rates
* 5 day hiring training class Vs 6 weeks before using HireVue
* 84.9 candidate NPS Score



Human Resources



Hilton replaces traditional recruitment process with HireVue's video platform to streamline hiring process



25000 data points including verbal response, intonation, nonverbal communication, voice variations, facial expressions etc

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