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AI Case Study

Indigo improves candidate experience and cuts hiring costs by 71% using machine learning

Indigo, Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer, receives 1000s of application every week. They are now using
Ideal's platform to centralise hiring process by maintaining a central repository and automating resume screening, initial communication and assessment. They have access to 3X more candidates are able to accommodate seasonal variations in hiring at 71% less cost.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

"Indigo’s Challenges
Applicant overload
Applicant optimization - find other roles which they are better suited to
Seasonal hiring - ubstantial influx during the holiday season
Multiple positions, languages, and teams
Decentralized hiring process

Ideal helped Indigo achieve
1. Improved candidate experience
Automatically review every candidate and notify them of their status. Reduce candidate wait times.

2. Increased face-to-face time
Free up store managers’ time to spend building relationships with candidates and cultivating a positive corporate culture.

3. Automated the resume screening process
Completely remove the manual resume screening stage and lower overall cost.

4. Rediscover past candidates
Increase qualified candidates by screening previous candidates who applied to similar roles.

5. Reduced management stress
Automate stressful aspects of the hiring process: resume screening, sifting through past applicants and manual interview coordination."

Reported Results

According to Ideal:

* 71% reduction in hiring costs
* 3.7 times recruiter efficiency
* Access to 3X more candidates



Human Resources



"Repeatedly ranked among the top 10 in Top Retail Employer Brand lists, Indigo, Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer, is flooded with over 2200 online applications every single week."



Resume screening, candidate communication

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