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AI Case Study

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children has launched a pilot project using Amazon's facial recognition system to identify missing children from images posted online.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"Called the GMCNgine, the system leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to automatically scan the web for images of missing children... The system also features a dynamic advertizing capability that uses geo-targeting to deliver child endangerment alerts to specific communities as necessary. A key component of the GMCNgine is Rekognition, Amazon’s controversial computer vision platform. Amazon has faced intense criticism this year from privacy and civil rights groups, shareholders, and even Amazon employees over its sale of Rekognition to law enforcement agencies seeking to use it in public surveillance; the company has defended itself in part by arguing that Rekognition offers a valuable tool for organizations seeking to track the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The GMCNgine was launched this week in Cordoba, Spain, at the 10th annual Global Missing Children’s Network conference".

Reported Results

Project just launched at time of reporting


Amazon's Rekognition facial recognition machine learning platform.



General Operations


"Facial recognition technology’s growing role in the fight against child exploitation could see a substantial expansion after the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children’s launch of a new AI-driven system this week."



The data comes from "the 33 members of the ICMEC’s Global Missing Children’s Network, which includes law enforcement agencies and NGOs spanning 29 countries."

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