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AI Case Study

Investec achieved a 32% return on implementing an automated research platform from Squirro which generates insights from real-time data

Asset management firm Investec has implemented Squirro's Augmented Intelligence solution to consolidate different data sources and generate automatic reports on relevant topics, saving research time.


Financial Services

Fund And Asset Management

Project Overview

"Squirro’s insights technology united all their news sources and
delivered their team highly relevant insights from all their news providers – both public feeds and paid for, premium news sources – directly back into their Salesforce CRM platform where the team could easily access information ahead of any client engagement. They were also able to define key filtering concepts such as ‘personnel changes’ and ‘financial health’ – which gives the team a
one-click process to accessing insights on their important clients and competitors in context of these definitions. The automated catalyst generation from research notes and premium data took place in real-time, meaning no significant fund events were missed, and client handlers could contact clients in a timely and informed fashion."

Reported Results

Squirro claims it "drove a 32% return for Investec" by reducing the time spent researching.


From the vendor's description: "Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence platform, an advanced technology that places Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics".


Information Technology

Business Intelligence


"Premium data sources are an essential tool for asset managers to keep up to date with institutional and individual clients, and the fast-moving markets in which they operate. Often, asset management firms will subscribe to a number of premium data sources to ensure their client relationship teams have access to the latest news and information that could influence their clients’ portfolios. Whilst Investec Asset Management had subscribed to premium data services like FINsearches, one of the industry’s leading proprietary data resources, they still struggled to effectively use this information. A key reason for this was that the data resided outside of their core Salesforce CRM system, the information touchstone for managers to access important client data thereby resulting in out of context information."



News sources, public and paid for

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