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AI Case Study

J.P. Morgan pilots an online virtual assistant for corporate clients to assist with queries and website navigation

J.P. Morgan is piloting a new virtual assistant to help corporate clients find information through its online platform more easily and quickly.


Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Project Overview

J.P. Morgan is piloting a virtual assistant to help its treasury service division's corporate clients navigate the bank's online portal, beginning with a few dozen clients. "The AI program learns from its users, seeing what questions they typically ask and patterns their actions. It will eventually be able to make recommendations: for example, call these 5 customers first because they are late on payments. The plan is for it to spread beyond desktop computers to mobile and voice-activated devices".

Reported Results

Pilot; results not yet available



Customer Service

Technical And Product Support


"Big lenders have already rolled out virtual assistants to millions of retail customers, but the technology is just making its way to corporate clients, who present bigger challenges for artificial intelligence programmers. For instance, while a checking customer typically has a handful of accounts, a company could have 10,000 accounts in dozens of currencies around the world, and each individual corporate user typically has permission to see only certain accounts... users have to navigate through some of the website's 1,200 pages to do such things as send wires or export data from multiple accounts to determine balances."



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