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AI Case Study

John Lewis improves shopping experience by keeping track of customer purchase patterns to predict inventory and tailor offers for individual customers with machine learning

As more customers are shopping online, John Lewis implemented Adobe Analytics to optimise their web and mobile shopping. They were able to analyse shopping patterns and predict inventory accurately and identify attractive offers for each customer segment.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"John Lewis is using the Adobe Analytics solution within Adobe
Marketing Cloud, to deliver marketing reports, ad hoc analytics, and integrates with a variety of marketing applications via data connectors. With Adobe Analytics, the company can
learn more about its customers’ buying habits and then adjust online experiences to actively drive engagement and conversion. "

Reported Results

The company claims:

* Quick identification and resolution of issues online
* Real-time business decisions to support website during high-volume shopping events
* Double digit growth in sales through online channels




Product Marketing


John Lewis is using Machine Learning to gain improved Operational Intelligence and support rapid growth for its billion-pound website,



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