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AI Case Study

Lapetus is tests a platform to assess smoking status and other health indicators using selfies for insurance purposes

Lapetus has begin trialling its JANUS platform which purports to be able to determine smoking status, age, BMI and other health indicators of its users, making it appealing to life-insurers who currently rely on self-reporting.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"JANUS helps life insurers engage today’s generation of mobile-enabled customers in the online quote, application and purchase process. In seconds, JANUS returns highly accurate Gender, Age and BMI estimates from the analysis of a simple selfie, which can be used by carriers with engagement, approval or product development initiatives. From the vendor, the platform uses "LSI’s patented, science-based Sensory Analytics technology".

Reported Results

Pilot; results not yet available


"Additional LSI Sensory Analytics tools are being developed to detect chronic disease, alcohol use and evidence of smoking."



General Operations


Life insurance companies often rely on self-reporting for a variety of risk factors including smoking status.



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