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AI Case Study

LawBot predicts the chance of winning a legal claim with 71% accuracy based on user inputs

LawBot the legal advice chatbot has a new additional predictive feature which gives users the probability that their legal claim will be successful. The chatbot is hosted on Facebook Messenger and can also direct users to the appropriate legal resource based on their needs.


Professional Services


Project Overview

"The free legal bot will also operate from a new platform and will be hosted on Facebook Messenger. The new service will also transfer users to a network of law firms, providing them with a bespoke service tailored to their legal needs... LawBot will act to some degree as a triage bot, allowing the public to interact with it, learn more about their legal needs and then, if appropriate, be directed to law firms in that jurisdiction/region that can help with their issues."

Reported Results

"The new version of LawBot, called LawBot-X, also analyses information provided by users, using data science techniques to calculate their chances of winning a claim with 71% accuracy, say the founders."



Legal And Compliance



"LawBot, the legal chat bot started by a group of Cambridge University law students, is to expand its capabilities by launching in seven countries. The group are also adding a case outcome prediction capability to assess the chance of winning a legal claim that the bot has analysed."



User inputted data

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