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AI Case Study

Levi Strauss & Company achieves near 100% accuracy in tracking in-store inventory and identifies optimal product placement using sensors and visual recognition

Levi Strauss uses Intel's Responsive Retail platform to keep track of items achieving near 100% accuracy in maintaining in-store inventory. It also tracks consumer movements through out the store to identify optimal locations for each product.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Intel's Retail Responsive Platform and Sensors are deployed in stores and warehouses to keep track of items with near 100% accuracy
Tracks customer movements to identify optimal store lay out"

The IOT based platform keeps track of each item and its location accurately, alerts automatically when inventory is low, identifies misplaced items. Using this data the item path in the store from arrival till purchase. The platform also maps customer journeys and creates heat maps to optimise store lay out and product placement.

Reported Results

According to Intel:

* Near 100% tracking of inventory
* Inventory planning and storage optimization
* Store layout planning






Inventory shrinkage is a $42 Billion problem for retail industry



IOT, Sensors, Vision - Object tracking, Customer journeys

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