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AI Case Study

Little House Kitchen executes cupcake recipes created with a recurrent neural network

Little House Kitchen baked 6 different recipes of cupcakes created with a trained machine learning model. The recurrent neural network (RNN) model was trained by Tiny Giant and Sharpshooter on hundreds of cupcake recipes. Their goal was to demonstrate how AI and humans can work together creatively.


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Project Overview

"Bristol-based businesses Tiny Giant and Sharpshooter, recently joined forces to train a machine learning model on hundreds of cupcake recipes. They then teamed up with Little House Kitchen to make the AI-created cakes a reality.

The A.I. model served up over 80 recipes in total. Some ingredients like “troot” and “wof sprinkles” were a little offbeat, while other combinations including coriander and pear sounded surprisingly delicious.

Once the team narrowed down the recipes, they worked with Kayleigh from the Little House Kitchen to fine-tune the machine’s suggestions and cook them up.

We created a Recurrent Neural Network using Textgenrnn and Colaboratory. First we collected hundreds of cupcake recipes from places like the BBC recipe site. Using textgenrnn we trained a model on the recipes, running it over and over until it seemed like it had learnt the structure. Then it generated lots of new (& weird) recipes. At first they were mostly unreadable, with nonsense text and gibberish words. Some of them were legible, but made no sense - like suggesting a cake recipe that used 18 eggs! We found the best ones, and chose five recipes to make."

Reported Results

"The five chosen cakes, which included, “Vanilla, Guinness and Marmalade”, “Coriander and Poached Pear” and “Blueberry with a Twig and Wire Dusting” were enjoyed by attendees on 6 December at the I’ll Be Back event, hosted by Tiny Giant Co-founders Richard Norton and Kerry Harrison."


"We created a Recurrent Neural Network using Textgenrnn and Colaboratory."


R And D

Product Development


"“We’ve seen so many headlines about machines doing human jobs, and people worrying about being replaced,” commented Kerry from Tiny Giant. “We wanted to show the public that we can work together with A.I. to heighten creativity and achieve things that haven’t been possible before”."




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