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AI Case Study

Mercedes-Benz learns driver and passenger preferences to provide a personalised and connected experience using machine learning and conversational agent

Mercedes-Benz partners with Nuance to implement their Dragon Drive platform to offer a personalised experience for drivers. The automotive assistant will converse naturally with the driver picking up cues and preferences and identifying emotions from audio, vocabulary etc to tailor features such as voice, channels played in the car, lighting etc.


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Project Overview

"Nuance Dragon Drive platform transforms the driver experience in the cockpit through a fully customized automotive assistant, built specifically for the new A-Class and other future Mercedes models. The AI powered platform understands and continuously learns the needs and preferences of both drivers and passengers over time to provide an increasingly personalized and connected experience.
Natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) then allow drivers and passengers to interact with MBUX naturally. As the software model is continuously enriched with new words or changing use of language over time, new domains (for example seasonal sports events), virtual assistants and services can be added to broaden the spectrum of information available to the driver at any time and ensure the vehicle can always include state-of-the-art capabilities. In addition, the assistant is deeply integrated with the car itself, enabling voice-powered control of in-car functions like climate and music and features like in-seat temperature and massage."

Reported Results

Pilot; Results are not yet available.


"Leveraging Deep Learning and Reasoning, our conversational AI combines personal preferences with knowledge about the world and the immediate context to achieve a most natural user experience. It has natural language capacities such as text to speech, natural language understanding, natural language generation, and multimodal inputs such as speech, vision, gaze detection system."


R And D

Product Development


Daimler AG partnered with Nuance to develop the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system specifically for the new A-Class and other future Mercedes models.



Text, Audio, Gaze detection, IOT

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