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AI Case Study

Microsoft trains a deep neural network to identify human laugh and its intensity

Microsoft has trained a system to recognise human laugh and categorise it in terms of its intensity. In that way the company has been able to judge how funny a tv show is by analysis audience behaviour and reactions.


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Project Overview

"Microsoft has already developed an artificial intelligence capable of detecting how hard a person is laughing that could easily imagine being used to judge a comedy show.

The company exhibited its face-scanning system in August for the Laugh Battle exhibit at the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York. In the exhibit, the A.I. was used to determine which comedian was best at delivering their jokes. Think of it like a much less-snarky Simon Cowell that tries to rate how hard you’re laughing.

Technology like this demonstrates how A.I. can be used to pick up on nuanced human expression. Microsoft’s corporate VP for A.I. marketing, Mitra Azizirad, also says its also a way to open up the benefits of machine learning to a wider audience."

Reported Results

Proof of concept; results not yet available


"The system’s Face API uses a deep neural network trained on more than 100,000 labeled photos to judge people’s expressions on a scale that ranged from sadness and contempt to happiness and surprise."



Sentiment analysis of faces is a growing area of interest due to its potential for automating marketing research data in an unobtrusive way.



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