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AI Case Study

Minneapolis VA Health Care System is researching how to predict the onset of neurological disorders analysing computer usage and car driving patterns with machine learning classifiers

Minneapolis VA Health Care System is using sensors in cars and on computer mouses to help detect early onset of neurodegenerative disorders by identifying patterns that emerge when someone is going from normal, healthy ageing to early Alzheimer’s disease. For example looking for signs of mild cognitive impairment.



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

Slight variation in physical movements can be monitored over time by using sensors or analysing mouse usage to predict early onset of certain diseases. Research conducted with volunteers from Minneapolis VA Health Care System indicates promising results.

Studying how people drive using information from the sensors
installed in data ports in cars has given indicators of early onset of certain conditions. The data port relays information on the number of trips taken, duration of trips, left turns versus right turns and time spent on the highway versus local roads, among other information from which it was found that those with MCI drove fewer miles and showed less variability in their driving patterns.

Reported Results

Results not yet available.



R And D

Product Development


Nearly one in six people suffer from neurological disorders such as Parkinsons. VA Healthcare system is trying to identify patterns that could help predict early onset of these disorders.



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