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AI Case Study

NHS trials a platform to improve workplace team efficiency and capabilities using machine learning to predict best courses of action

The NHS is to begin trialling Saberr's CoachBot which analyses team member responses and provides toolkits and development plans to improve team efficiency and cohesion. It purports to do so after being trained on a dataset of academic articles and predicting best courses of action and advice based on team member input.



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

CoachBot is being rolled out in a 12-month trial to clinical and inpatient 30 employees. "The chatbot asks team members questions to work out the team dynamic before pulling this into an initial report, showing areas of improvement. From there it provides a development plan, including toolkits, exercises and bite-sized learning to help the team improve... CoachBot does this by using machine learning to hunt for patterns in the data to predict which actions are most likely to help them. By ingesting data from 105 academic articles on individual, team and organisational performance, CoachBot has been trained to spot patterns and make good managerial suggestions."

Reported Results

Trial planned; results not yet available.



Human Resources

Employee Relations


The NHS is looking to improve workforce productivity as well as trial innovative technology in healthcare that has not yet been tested.



Training set of 105 academic articles on organisational and individual performance workplace performance.

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