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AI Case Study

NovAtel plans to reduce hacking risk through its GPS services to vehicles through deploying Darktrace's AI-enabled security software

NovAtel offers its GPS services to ground and aerial vehicles, a mission-critical system that might offer a route in to a broader hack, especially dangerous in the contextof autonomous vehicles. Darktrace's AI-enabled security software has been deployed to protect against malware and other hacks.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

The cybersecurity-related threats that autonomous vehicles face are to two networks: information technology and operational technology.

'On the information technology side, you’re looking at potential threats to changing that data, false data, manipulative data, data that goes in and cons you into sending your money for your ride somewhere else rather than to the people that are supposed to receive the money....

Changes to the system on the Operational technology side, however, could be a “potentially a far bigger threat,” a Darktrace executive said, adding, “because at the end of the day, you want to be able to rely on the fact that your brakes will brake when they’re meant to brake and not develop a mind of their own, or as more likely to be the case, develop the mind of somebody else.” '

Reported Results

According to an executive at NovAtel “We can now confidently pinpoint any malware or misconfigurations on our networks, and effectively respond before any damage is done. Darktrace even detects incoming suspicious activity from other divisions within the [oparent company] Hexagon AB group. The Enterprise Immune System is extremely powerful, and we can’t imagine running our cyber security without it.”



Information Technology



NovAtel's GPS technology is used in autonomous cars, emergency dispatch systems and in drone helicopters. As one key supplier to other suppliers, complete with mission-critical technology, it needs to be protected against potential malware or hacking attacks.



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