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AI Case Study

Orange Silicon Valley speeds up project completion using TARA machine learning hiring and project management platform

Orange Silicon Valley used TARA project management platform to match and hire a contractor and manage project scope, deliverables and deadlines, hiring and finishing quicker than other comparable projects.



Mobile Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

The innovation team at Orange Silicon Valley "was interested in using an intelligent approach to staffing and building the project. In the past, the outsourcing process of their development project has been long and complex. TARA uses machine learning to constantly update the project timeline and fee, it can immediately adapt to scope changes. Additionally, through its hiring algorithm, TARA was able to find a developer adept in the data science skills needed for this project".

Reported Results

TARA matched with and hired a developer for the project in 24 hours, which the company claims takes on average two weeks, and that the average time to project completion with TARA is 4 weeks faster than it would take in the freelancer marketplace.



Human Resources



"Orange Silicon Valley is the Bay Area presence of Orange (one of the world’s leading telecommunication operator) focusing on research, development, and strategic analysis. The team works with contractors to iterate quickly on a variety of projects. Orange Silicon Valley works on high concept research projects, and project scope changes are frequent."



The hiring algorithm uses over 120 data points to analyse and match contractors with projects, but further details are unspecified.

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