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AI Case Study

Orlando Magic automatically generates personalised in-app and email messages to each one of their fans, boosting season ticket renewals

Orlando Magic uses Wordsmith to generate custom in-app and email messaging to each and every one of their fans, boosting fan engagement and season ticket renewals. They claim an 80% positive response to their emails, although isolating AI as the driver may be problematic.


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Project Overview

"Using SAS to analyze customer data, the team targets those whose tickets are not likely to be resold. Then, using the Wordsmith platform for natural language generation, the team automatically turns each customer’s specific data into a personalized email. The emails take each fan’s unique situation into account and explain it using natural language.

With Wordsmith, the Magic has full control over the content they produce for each fan and can communicate in their brand voice about any scenario a unique customer’s data presents."

Reported Results

The company claims:

* 80% positive email response
* Increased awareness of loyalty program
* Higher season ticket renewal rates






"The Orlando Magic is competing with NBA teams compete with other local attractions for family entertainment dollars. Season ticket holders account for 70% of the Orlando Magic’s ticketing revenue stream. To win ticketholders’ approval, the team wants to offer a customer experience that is personalized to each individual fan."



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