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AI Case Study

SolarWinds speeds up testing of upgrades by 15X by crowd sourcing to reach a wider audience and using machine learning to identify matching testers

Rainforest's crowd sourced testing platform tests apps with 1000s of testers around the world. Using machine learning test cases are assigned to best matching and over time assignments are automated by learning patterns and assessing results.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"SolarWinds’ Librato platform is a real-time SaaS operations analytics solution that allows companies to collect, correlate, and visualize metrics to help them glean meaningful information from their data. SolarWinds’ streamlined team of developers for Librato deploys at breakneck speeds, averaging about 20-25 pushes per day. Testing the highly visual Librato platform as quickly as code is ready to ship can be challenging with traditional QA methods."

Reported Results

According to SolarWinds:

* 15x faster: SolarWinds run tests quicker
* $3.1M in savings annually over in-house QA costs
* Maintained 20-25x deployments daily while scaling customer base



Information Technology



Scaling application testing was not easy for SolarWinds given their deployment speed.



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