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AI Case Study

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp expects to save hundreds of millions by automating routine operational processes and back-office functions using robotic process automation

In one of the biggest RPA deals, Japan's Sumitomo Mitsui has enrolled Uipath's RPA solution to automate functions such as ensure compliance by auto verification or measurement, enhance planning capabilities by generating reports, support operations by automating high volume transactions such as payments, application processing etc. The solution is powered by computer vision and intelligent OCR.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"The Attended digital workforce supports the group’s front-office centric activities, enabling the staff to develop the automation themselves and to work alongside the Robot by exerting direct command over it. Complementary, the Unattended digital workforce targets all the high volume processes that do not require human touch, working 24 hours per day and 365 days per year to sustain high-throughput, high-intensity processing.

Our robot is the industry leader for SAP, Citrix, and Mainframe processes, using unmatched computer vision for exceptionally rapid and precise automation. It opens, acts upon and closes any local, legacy or Cloud application and extracts, processes and passes data between any application, document or database. Also, our embedded cognitive and OCR technology (Google, Microsoft & ABBYY) creates the industry’s largest automation footprint.

Key Areas:
Compliance and risk operations (suspicious transactions, internal loss verification / measurement);
Information gathering processes used to enhance sales and planning capabilities ( customer transaction or industry data);
Support branch operations (customer performance reports, mortgage loan brochures);
Routine Operation Center processes with high volumes related todeposits, currency exchange, loans, etc;
Routine Headquarter processes (reports, payments, application operations). "

Reported Results

Projected cost reductions of ~$450 million by 2020 and nearly $1 billion in the medium-term.


"Computer Vision
Reliable object recognition in images on the user interface, including Citrix

Natural Language Processing
Text analysis and entity extraction by capturing intent from unstructured data

Intelligent OCR
Built-in to UiPath for semi-structured documents

AI in Robotic Operations
Reduced maintenance through ML-based monitoring and health alerts"



General Operations


Given demographic trends that point to a coming shortage of workers Japan has shown particular interest in RPA.



"Computer vision
Drives our leadership in SAP, Oracle, Citrix and Mainframe automation. It gives our robot “eyes” to “see” how objects relate, just like us humans; lets them find screen elements contextually, and instantly (like humans) adjust to changes on the screen - or the screen itself.

Intelligent image recognition
Our unmatched Citrix/Virtual automation relies upon OCR processing algorithms developed by the computer vision group-which enable computer vision to locate virtual environment screen images in less than 100 milliseconds."

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