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AI Case Study

TGI Fridays creates a customised beverage recommendation system on the restaurant's mobile app

TGI Fridays is developing a beverage recommendation service for users of its mobile app. The app collects customer data through facial recognition, such as gender and age, and then provides a drink recommendation based on further inputted preferences.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

Created by Hypergiant, Flanagan is a which creates "personalised drinks based on an individual customer's mood and flavor preferences". The app scans a customer's face while it's being used, which is then used to determine gender and age range. The anonymised data is collected by TGI Fridays for customer analysis.

Reported Results

To be implemented in 2018; intended as marketing and customer data gathering tool




Digital Marketing


"TGI Fridays wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for customers that would increase customer frequency, demonstrate the brand's innovative mindset, create buzz, and highlight the restaurant's bar-centric roots."



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