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AI Case Study

Virgin Trains streamline the labour intensive admin tasks to improve customer service while reducing man hours per day by 90% through cognitive learning

Virgin Trains leverages machine learning to enhance its customer service. The company is using an AI system that handles customer emails by practising decision making and streamlines labour intensive admin tasks involved in the process. Categorising emails helps the system understand the meaning and sentiment of the content and key information and has resulted in 85% reduction in manual effort and a significant improvement in customer experience and CRM overall.




Project Overview

"Virgin Trains engaged with Celaton to deploy its inSTREAM platform and apply Artificial Intelligence to streamline the labour intensive administrative tasks and decision making in handling customer emails. All customer emails are now received by inSTREAM. Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn the pattern of unstructured content through the natural consequence of processing it. As a result, inSTREAM is able to read, understand meaning/sentiment, categorise and then recognise key information within customer emails as they are received." (Celaton)

Reported Results

Virgin Trains states the following "results:

* 85% reduction in manual effort (Cognitive efficiency) - 32 'man' hours per day, to 4
* Scalability during surge periods without additional resource
* Real time visibility and management of customer correspondence
* Significant improvement in customer experience" (Celaton)."


"Celaton inSTREAM is an enterprise-class, ready-to-deploy, machine learning platform that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline processing of the plethora of information that flows in to organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees by post, paper, fax, email, attachments, social media and other electronic data streams." (Celaton)


Customer Service

Contact Centre


"Since 2014, Virgin Trainswas the first train operator to introduce Automatic Delay Repay (ADR) with the help of Celaton's innovative software inSTREAM.

The ADR system powered by inSTREAM, automatically calculates and directly refunds customers in the event that their train is delayed (compensation is calculated under the existing delay repay scheme). ADR is available to Virgin Trains customers travelling on the West Coast Mainline who purchased their tickets in advance through their website or mobile app. Virgin Trains estimates that around 3.5 million customer journeys could benefit from the scheme." (Celaton)



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