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AI Use Case

Accelerate identity verification for new and existing customers

Accelerate identity verification (e.g. photos, biometric reading) for new and existing customers. This enables offering of enhanced services and greater security.


Customer Service

Account Management


Risk reduction - Reduce data theft risk,Revenue - Customer experience

Case Studies

Danske Bank~Dankse Bank identifies fraudulent online banking customers with 99.7% accuracy in a pilot with the BehavioSec behavioural biometrics system,Pockit~Pockit increases customer conversions by 15% using automated identity verification from Onfido,Guangzhou Second Provincial Central Hospital~Guangzhou Second Provincial Central Hospital provides initial consultations with conversational robots that can diagnose 200 diseases with 90% accuracy

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Vision - Face Compare,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Grouping - Anomaly Detection,Product Type - Speech - Identification,Product Type - Vision - Face Identification

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