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AI Use Case

Analyse and understand customer sentiment displayed through direct customer contact

Using voice and text analysis to uncover overall customer sentiment - negative or positive - sometimes in real-time as displayed when they contact the company; for example through the contact centre.


Customer Service

Contact Centre


Revenue - Churn risk reduction,Operational Support - Situational awareness

Case Studies

Dubai Airport~Dubai Airport improves customer waiting time and baggage tracking through out the airport using machine learning and visual recognition,Northstar Location Services~Northstar Location Services decreases customer call escalation by 54% and handle time by 35% implementing Castel Detect to monitor emotional thresholds during customer service calls,Humana Inc.~Humana achieves 28-percent increase in customer satisfaction by coaching agents and supervisors in real-time by recognising emotions from customer voice

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - NLP - Text Classification,Product Type - NLP - Topic Modeling,Product Type - NLP - Semantic Similarity,Product Type - NLP - Semantic Clustering,Product - Customer Sentiment Analysis

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