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AI Use Case

Audit and optimise shelf placement

Use video, images or robots in the retail area to audit and analyse shelf space usage. Optimising shelf space drives retail sales, can reduce risk of running out of stock and it can also be use to prioritise shrinkage risk areas.



Revenue - Sales effectiveness improvement

Case Studies

Coca-Cola~Coca-Cola achieves 6 percent additional revenue with 15 percent fewer restocking trips by identifying the right product and placement using intelligent vending machines,Levi Strauss & Company~Levi Strauss & Company achieves near 100% accuracy in tracking in-store inventory and identifies optimal product placement using sensors and visual recognition ,BevMo~BevMo automates store inventory and stocking management using autonomous robots,"Lowes~Lowes introduced Lowebot, a retail robot, to help customers and scan inventory in real-time to locate product or price discrepancies",Henkel~Henkel uplifts its revenue by 2.1% by tracking distribution and share of shelf at granular SKU level leveraging visual recognition and sales data

Potential Vendors

Hivery,Intel,Fellow Robots,Fellow Robots,Trax Retail


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Data Sets


AI Technologies

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