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AI Use Case

Automate discovery of compliance status against GDPR regulation or similar data legislation

Automated checking for GDPR compliance is a significant issue as the regulation rolls out across Europe. Minimising compliance risk and data loss whilst not investing expensive resources in checking all instances requires automated tools.


Legal And Compliance



Risk reduction - Reduced compliance risk

Case Studies

McCann Fitzgerald~McCann Fitzgerald reduces number of documents for review by 99% for GDPR compliance through its app which automates assessment,CAS~CAS reduces time spent on contract analysis for Brexit implications by 75% using a machine learning platform,Thomson Reuters~Thomson Reuters expedites the remediation process by 30% for clients using a machine-learning contract analytics platform

Potential Vendors

Neota Logic,Luminance,eBrevia


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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