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AI Use Case

Automate product testing and quality assurance

Product testing and QA accelerates product quality assurance testing by optimising the tests and/or combinations of tests that cause products, components, suppliers, and contract manufacturers to fail more quickly.



General Manufacturing


Operational Support - Issue / outlier ID,Operational Support - Issue triage,Cost - Job automation

Case Studies

"""Global Paper, Pulp, Plastics and Rubber manufacturer""~Global Paper, Pulp, Plastics and Rubber manufacturer eliminates over 50% of poor quality batches and increases average yields to above 90% with the use of machine learning",Honda~Honda reduced the time required to understand customer feedback by 80% using AI,Facebook~Facebook reduces time needed to support new queries to its internal reactive cache by using machine learning from weeks to minutes

Potential Vendors

Hitachi,IBM Watson


Data Sets

Time series,Structured / Semi-structured,Images

AI Technologies

Product Type - Robotics,Product Type - Vision ,Machine Learning (ML),Model Architecture - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN),Product Type - Vision - Object tracking,Product Type - Vision - Semantic segmentation,Product Type - Vision - Instance segmentatiuon,Product Type - Vision - Object detection,Product - Data Capture - Sensor IoT,Model Architecture - Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

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