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AI Use Case

Examine ground composition to reduce required volume of exploratory drilling for samples

Interpolate data on ground composition to reduce the required exploratory drilling samples. This increases speed to market and reduces the potential workload.



Cost - Reduce wastage,Risk reduction - Environmental impact,Cost - Optimise geographic footprint

Case Studies

Goldcorp Inc.~Goldcorp plans to increase accuracy of identifying potential mining prospecting areas using IBM Watson and machine learning to analyse drilling and geological data ,Freeport-McMoRan ~Freeport-McMoRan improves rock face assessment for better planning of steep blasting mining using drones

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson



Oil And Gas

Data Sets

Images,Time series

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation

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