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AI Use Case

Identify and source potential candidates in the market

Proactive sourcing of potential candidates for roles using social media, industry databases and other sources like news feeds


Human Resources



Operational - Candidate selection,Cost - Improved advertising efficiency,Other - Reduce unconscious bias

Case Studies

Opower - an Oracle company~Opower increases female hiring by 18% and minority technical hiring by 600% with the use of machine learning to manage the recruitment life-cycle,Schneider Electric ~Schneider Electric expands its potential candidate database to 275m and identifies candidates matching jobs using machine learning,Orange Silicon Valley~Orange Silicon Valley speeds up project completion using TARA machine learning hiring and project management platform,"Albert Heijn~Albert Heijn, a Dutch grocer, reduced time to hire by 67% and improved candidate satisfaction by using machine learning to better match applicants to roles"

Potential Vendors

Entelo,TARA AI,Harver


Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - NLP - Text Mining,Machine Learning (ML)

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